Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds offer a timeless style of decoration to any window in your home, with our collections including a range of colours, textures, patterns and designs that can be manufactured to fit windows of almost any size.

Why choose Roller Blinds?

We are proud to use components manufactured in the UK, where possible, and work alongside some of the UK’s leading suppliers.

Put simply, a roller blind is made from a continuous length of fabric, fixed and wrapped around an aluminium tube. Roller blinds can be fitted into a stylish cassette system (also available in a range of designs and colours) and can be controlled by chain, spring operation or motorised! We are pleased to offer further options such as braids, scallops and shapes with decorative poles.

Our blinds are made with safety in mind and following the introduction of Child Safety Regulations across the UK, we continue to only install blinds in compliance. For chain operated roller blinds, this involves the use of Child Safe breakaway connectors which have been extensively tested by our suppliers. Of course, spring operated and motorised roller blinds are safe by design.

LL_2019_Roller_Cherry blossom_Geisha_70mm_Black_Cass_Bed_MAIL
LL_2019_Roller_Jurassic_Marine_70mm_Bed_Close Up 2_MAIL